2015 Teen Summer Reading Program


Teens ages 13+ can register for the "Unmask!" summer reading program beginning May 11. The first 50 to sign up will get free books and a cool drawstring backpack. There will be weekly prize drawing for those who are reading througout the summer, culminating in a grand prize drawing for a Kindle Fire Tablet!

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Week 1: Sam Anderson

Week 2: Jeffrey McCormick

Week 3: Aidan Skalicky

Week 4: Avery Boulanger

Week 5: Tori Hackenberger

Week 6: Ashton Ernest

Week 7: Lindy Stroup

Week 8: Laura Halcom

Grand Prize: Palak Sharma

Special Event: Zombie Invasion

The OK Museum Network presents “Surviving the Zombie Pandemic!” July 17th at 2:00pm

There’s been some sort of outbreak, but the reports are a little vague on the details. Could this be a strange new disease that’s spreading, turning ordinary people into mindless zombies? 

 Don’t wait to find out until moaning hordes paw at your door. If you’re to survive, you’ll need to know just what you’re dealing with. 

 Our Zombie Responder Team has you covered. We’ll explore the science behind these potential outbreaks and help you devise a plan to stay alive and “undead” free.

The Summer Reading Program is supported whole or in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services through the Library Services and Technology Act, administered by the Oklahoma Department of Libraries.

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